A Group of Former Oceanian Leaders Condemned the Expansionist Plans of the New AUKUS Pacific Alliance

Federal news agency

Former Oceanian leaders denounced the new US-UK-Australian alliance AUKUS for the organization’s militaristic plans, which could spark an arms race in the South Pacific. This was reported by the New Zealand radio RNZ.

Former leaders are confident that Australia’s accession to the Alliance will lead to an increase in the number of US military bases in the region. This, in turn, may lead to the beginning of an arms race.

“AUKUS is signaling an increase in militarization with Australia joining the US military base network <…> and intensifying the arms race, bringing war closer to our home,” the RNZ said in a statement.

Earlier, South Korean opposition leader Lee Jae-men said that the country does not need a tripartite military alliance with the US and Japan. In his opinion, the formation of this alliance could lead to an escalation on the Korean peninsula.

Source: riafan