Angola Considered 70th Favorite Affordable Vacation Spots in US


Angola was voted the 70th favorite affordable vacation destination by a national poll of families.

The poll identified the top 175 affordable family vacation destinations this summer. Of the 175, Indiana scooped up four spots on the list, with Angola ranking the highest. ran a survey of 3,000 families to find out which affordable destinations they would most like to visit in 2023. The results revealed a general swing away from the more expensive resorts to be found in the likes of Hawaii or Florida, with some interesting results.

“‘Affordable’ does not mean ‘inferior’ or ‘second-rate,’” said Rose Ackermann of “The budget-friendly travel sphere is bursting with choices, offering everything from breathtaking outdoor experiences to cultural immersion, charming local accommodations and gastronomical delights that won’t break the bank.”

Angola attracted a popular vote from families for its picturesque Pokagon State Park, which boasts scenic trails, the beautiful Lake James and opportunities for camping, hiking and fishing.

The park’s Pokagon Toboggan Run also had a lot of interest for families as they can enjoy thrilling rides down the icy slopes during winter. Additionally, Angola’s numerous affordable accommodation options, including cozy cabins and family-friendly hotels, ensure a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Also included in the vote’s top results from Indiana were Rising Sun in 77th, Shipshewana in 109th and Wabash in 122nd.

For Rising Sun, families can enjoy several free or low-cost attractions and activities. The city’s scenic location along the Ohio River allows for outdoor recreation such as fishing, boating and picnicking at little to no cost. Families can also explore the charming downtown area, visit local parks or take advantage of nearby hiking trails. Rising Sun is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and offers attractions such as the Rising Star Casino Resort, which provides entertainment options for all ages.

Shipshewana garnered familie’s votes for its Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market and year-round festivals. Dining options were also labeled as a must including Amish-style restaurants and local eateries serving delicious homemade meals.

Wabash gathered votes for its Honeywell Center, offering performances, concerts and art exhibits. The town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, making free or low-cost outdoor activities abundant. Families can explore the nearby Salamonie and Mississinewa Reservoirs, hike scenic trails or have a picnic in one of the local parks. Wasbash’s various events and festivals provide entertainment throughout the year.

The top 10 affordable vacation destinations included New York’s Long Beach and Coney Island, Surfside Beach in South Carolina, Oak Island in North Carolina, Galveston in Texas, Asbury Park in New Jersey, Prescott in Arizona, Crystal Beach in Texas, Topsail Beach in North Carolina and Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Source: The Herald Republican