Angola, Nigerian Leaders Parley as Envoy Plans Business Confab in Abuja


President Ahmed Tinubu has held a bilateral meeting with the President of Angola, Joao Manuel on the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations 78th General Assembly in New York to explore opportunities and solidify relationships between the two nations on September 19th.

This is coming as the new Angolan Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Jose Bamoquina Zau is preparing to host an interactive diplomatic dinner between business leaders in Nigeria and their counterparts coming from Angola.

Angola and Nigeria share very similar stories with the abundance of natural resources available to both nations and the interactive section will be an opportunity for the industry players to share experiences and explore business partnerships.

According to the Angolan Embassy in Abuja, the interactive session which will be held at the Tr
Tanscorp Hilton on October 19 will be under the theme of Introducing a New Era of Sustainable Business Partnership.

Expected from Angola are Senior Executives from the Public Sector, the National Bank, Private Bankers, State and Private Companies and the Angolan Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, while Nigerian guests expected are governors, bankers, Oil and Gas executives and the extractive industry players.

The Embassy stated that it is also an opportunity for the new Ambassador to be introduced to the Nigeria business community as we as avail both countries a new vista of business relationships.

Source: The Guardian