Border Demarcation Agreement Between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Comes into Force


ASTANA – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan finalized an agreement on border demarcation, which came into force on July 4 after a 19-year process, Kazakh Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Aibek Smadiyarov said at a July 10 press briefing.

It took 100 rounds of negotiations within the Joint Kazakh-Uzbek Demarcation Commission to enact the border demarcation deal that was signed by the presidents of the two countries last year.

The 2,357-kilometer border line is designated with 1,301 border markers and reflected in demarcation documents of more than 8,000 pages, Smadiyarov noted.

This milestone contributes to strengthening security and stability on the state border, and deepens bilateral, interregional and border cooperation. The agreement also marks the end of the legal registration of Kazakhstan’s state border in the south.

The demarcation process began in the early 2000s. In 2001, 96% of the state border was defined, but three sections, including the Bagyzh village in Kazakhstan’s Turkistan region, former village Arnasai and the Uzbek village Nsan with adjacent territories remained controversial. The delimitation of the borders was completed in September 2002, whereas the process was finally resolved in the 2022 agreement.

Source : Astana Times