British and Australian prime ministers are going to Biden: what will they discuss?


The British and Australian prime ministers are flying to meet with the US president to agree on the details of a submarine pact aimed at countering China.

As noted, the UK, US and Australia announced the AUKUS (Australia-UK-US) plan in 2021 as part of efforts to counter China’s increasing military presence in the Indo-Pacific region. The meeting in San Diego on March 13 is expected to determine Australia’s next steps in obtaining nuclear submarines.

“In turbulent times, the UK’s global alliances are our biggest source of strength and security. I am traveling to the United States to launch the next phase of the AUKUS nuclear submarine program, a project that strengthens ties with our closest allies and provides security, new technology and economic benefits,” said British Prime Minister Sunak .

Under the original AUKUS treaty, the United States and Britain agreed to provide Australia with nuclear submarine technology and capabilities.

The publication recalled that Joe Biden and President Macron also discussed cooperation between the United States and France in the Indo -Pacific region, as well as joint efforts to overcome the challenges posed by the People ‘s Republic of China and the international order based on on the rules.

Source: donpatriot