Bulgarian president dissolves parliament, calls snap election in April


Bulgarian President Rumen Radev dissolved the national parliament on Thursday and called for an early general election on April 2, the presidential press service announced Thursday.

It will be the fifth time in two years Bulgarians are called to the polls.

Radev also signed off on creation of a new interim government, which will be headed by current caretaker prime minister, Galab Donev.

A former labor and social affairs minister, Donev was appointed as acting prime minister last August after an unsuccessful vote of no confidence caused the previous government to collapse.

A snap election was held last October, but the various political forces in parliament then failed to form a majority coalition.

The ongoing political crisis threatens the country’s plans to join the eurozone by January 1, 2024, as the caretaker government won’t be able to pass legislative changes needed to fulfill the criteria before a new parliament is formed.

Source Politico