Cameroon Receives €74.4m Loan to Build Bridge to Equatorial Guinea


Cameroon has received a €73.4 million (US$80 million) loan from the African Development Bank to build a bridge across the River Ntem, which forms a natural boundary with Equatorial Guinea.

The bridge building is part of the Regional Trade and Transport Facilitation Project for the economic corridor between Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

The new bridge, which will link Campo, in Cameroon to Rio Campo, in Equatorial Guinea, aims to improve the service level for the transport logistics chain along the corridor between Yaoundé, Bata and Libreville.

It will also contribute to the emergence of an industrial-port activities hub in the area between the deep-water port in Kribi (Cameroon) and its counterpart in Bata (Equatorial Guinea).

Implementation of the project is due to start in December 2023, with completion scheduled for November 2028.

Source : International Construction