Cameroon: Toll Rises to at Least 27 Dead and 50 Injured in Floods


Death toll from floods in Cameroon’s capital, reaches 27 with more than 50 injured, Monday, as rescuers intensify the search for those missing following the deluge the previous day.

The rains unleashed floodwaters in the district of Yaoundé 2 of the country’s capital on Sunday, sweeping away buildings and reducing many to rubble.

One of the victims mentionned that some bodies have travelled a long way and have been found more than 100 meters from their homes.

Urbanism Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes, who visited the site, called on local residents to follow the instructions of local authorities.

“And when I have got the publication of the Meteo (weather agency) – I have sent out a release document calling local authorities to do everything possible to let the bed of the water free. Because we know at this moment in Cameroon, we have these terrible rains. So, all my condolences to the family whose loved ones passed away. Please follow the instructions, the urbanism document, because our country has so many documents concerning the well and planned evacuation of our cities,” expressed the Minister.

Flooding has been frequent in Cameroon in recent years, with experts often blaming climate change, and its impact has been exacerbated by shoddy construction that often circumvents regulations.

The latest floods were worsened after a dike in a man-made lake gave way, sweeping structures down the hill, the government said.

Source : Africanews