Chad Takes Steps to Fight Water Insecurity


Chad’s Ministry of Economy, Development Planning and International Cooperation has awarded a contract for the supply and installation of four drinking water supply systems (DWS) to a consortium made up of Vergnet Hydro and Setra

The equipment to be supplied by the companies is expected to provide a long-term and continual water supply to 47,000 inhabitants of the Logone Occidental region. All installations will be up and running by November 2023.

“These are the first DWS installed in Chad by Vergnet Hydro. We are particularly proud that this first experience is part of the ambitious Food and Nutrition Security Implementation Plan set up by the 11th European Development Fund,” commented Romain Dubreuil, area manager at Vergnet Hydro. 

Vergnet Hydro is the project leader for the initiative. The company will also supply the equipment while Setra will carry out the work. This will include the installation of four water towers of 50-150 cu/m, perched 12 m high. These towers will supply 44 community standpipes and 314 private connections through 32 km of pipework.

Underground water will be collected through five submersible electric pumps and then treated at four chlorine dosing stations (by injection). This contract also includes setting up an after sales service and the training of four local maintenance technicians.

“In the very near future, we should be announcing the launch of a second DWS project in Chad,” added Dubreuil. “This one as part of the semi-urban and Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation programme run by Chad’s government and backed by the African Development Bank.”

Source: African Review