Chinese Firm Seals Deal to Supply Agricultural Equipment to Zambian Miners


Chinese agricultural firm CAMCO signed a memorandum of understanding with Zambia’s miner Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) on Friday, allowing the company’s employees to access agricultural equipment on flexible payment terms.

Enock Mponda, acting chief executive officer of the KCM, said the three-year agreement is essential for fulfilling post-employment life as it would enable workers to access agricultural equipment such as tractors, plows and planters.

“It is evident that every person has a life after their professional careers, and agriculture offers numerous opportunities for that phase when we all detach ourselves from mining, as is the case with KCM employees,” he said, according to a statement released after the signing ceremony.

He further noted that many Zambians are embracing the government’s initiative to make the country a major agricultural producer of export crops and livestock, and he hoped that KCM employees would leverage the collaboration with CAMCO to secure their future.

Bernard Chiwala, marketing director of the CAMCO, said the company’s goal is to address the mechanization and value addition gap that exists within small- and medium-scale farming. He added that collaborating with KCM would expand the company’s market for its equipment and other services.

“We eagerly anticipate working with KCM management and staff as we embark on the journey to transform lives through farming. The increased participation of individuals, including your employees, in agricultural activities will help alleviate the maize shortage and significantly contribute to the country’s gross domestic product,” he said.

Source: The Star