Cuban Parliamentarians Paid Tribute to Those Fallen in Angola


The deputies to the National People’s Power Assembly, headed by its vice-president, Ana María Mari, went to lay a wreath before the tomb where the mortal remains of General Raúl Díaz Argüelles, who was the first head of the Cuban military mission in this country, were laid.

They were accompanied to the Alto de las Cruces cemetery by several members of the Cuban cooperation and diplomatic mission in Luanda, among them the ambassador, Oscar Leon, and the vice president for Angola of the Antex corporation, Pedro Jaime Bonilla.

In the act they remembered the Cuban fighter, who died on December 11, 1975, when the armored transporter in which he was traveling made contact with an anti-tank mine.

With this tribute, they remembered the 2,085 combatants of Cuba who sacrificed their lives supporting the Angolan people, in addition to 204 others who died while carrying out civilian tasks.

Source : Prensa Latina