External Intervention, Sanctions Will Not Solve Problems in C Africa: Chinese Envoy


A senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday that external intervention or unilateral sanctions will not solve the problems in Central Africa.

The ongoing situation across multiple African countries proves that solutions to African issues must be found from within. The vigorous efforts by the Central African countries deserve full recognition, said Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, to the Security Council.

The international community should respect the sovereignty and ownership of the countries concerned and pitch in to help maintain regional political stability with positive energy. Meddling from outside or imposing unilateral sanctions at every turn will not lead to any solution. Such practices will only aggravate tensions, he said. 

“China believes that the international community should arrive at an objective assessment of human rights work based on the realities of the countries concerned and the needs of their people. Human rights must not be used as an empty slogan, still less an instrument to interfere in the internal affairs of the countries concerned,” he added.

Dai stressed the need to support regional organizations in their response to security challenges.

Illegal armed groups, terrorists, and piracy in the Gulf of Guinea remain rampant. The spillover effects from the situation in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and the turmoil in Sudan are worrying as they are exacerbating the humanitarian and refugee crisis in the region, he said.

China supports the Economic Community of Central African States in upholding common security and enhancing collective security cooperation. The international community should support the capacity-building of regional counterterrorism forces and increase input in maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. Efforts must also be made to encourage countries in the region to build greater trust and overcome differences between them, he said.

China takes very seriously the challenges posed by climate change to the region. The international community should provide concrete assistance. Developed countries, in particular, should honor their commitments as soon as possible, so that countries in the region can access much-needed financial, technological, and capacity-building support, said Dai.

Countries in the region are facing a wide range of energy, food, humanitarian, and fiscal risks, intensifying the stress factors affecting social stability.

“Developed countries and international financial institutions must make real efforts to genuinely understand the difficulties faced by regional countries, deliver on their development assistance commitments, and maintain the current level of humanitarian funding to help regional countries tide over their difficulties,” he said.

Efforts must also be made to help regional countries bolster their capacities in poverty reduction, employment, trade, and infrastructure, so as to make their development more resilient, said Dai.

China is a good friend and good partner of Central African countries as well as a staunch supporter of peace and development in the region. China stands ready to join the rest of the international community in rendering more constructive support, he said.

Source: CGTN