Gabon’s New Strongman Expected in Neighboring Equatorial Guinea to Cool Tensions


Gabon’s transition leader Gen. Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema is expected this Tuesday September 19 in neighboring Equatorial Guinea in a bid to ease tensions after Malabo was finger-pointed for supporting an alleged countercoup against Nguema who seized power on August 30.

Nguema’s trip, his first since assuming officially power on September 04, aims at thawing ties between the two countries, local media Gabon Review reports.

The small neighboring country opposed Nguema’s rise to power, in favor of the opposition that alleged it won August 26 presidential elections.

The candidate of the opposition, Ondo Ossa, claimed victory of the elections that the junta led by Nguema declared rigged.

The Gabonese army, few days after the coup, reportedly arrested Mike Jocktane close to Ossa, at the border between the two countries with a letter signed by the opposition figure.

The letter was reportedly addressed to Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Equatorial Guinea’s Defense minister to intervene in Gabon in favor of the opposition.

During the visit, President Obiang Nguema and his guest are also expected to address the strengthening of their relations in several areas including, security, economy and energy.

Source: The North Africa Post