Gambia Swimming Association Organises Anti-Doping Training


The Gambia Swimming and Aquatic Sports Association on Saturday organised an Anti-Doping Education, Ethics, and Integrity seminar for members of various associations at the University of The Gambia (Faculty of Law). 

The seminar provided comprehensive education on the critical issues of doping in sports and addressed contemporary governance, ethics, and integrity challenges in the world of sports.

Njogu Bah, present of the Gambia Swimming and Aquatic Sports Association in his remarks at the ceremony, said the gathering was meant to address anti-doping education, ethics and integrity.

He described the sports as value of clean competition, where victory is achieved through hard work, dedication and talent, rather than through the use of prohibited substances or unethical practices.

“The fight against doping in sports is a never-ending battle, and it requires our unwavering commitment and collective efforts,” he stated, adding: “It is our responsibility to ensure that our athletes compete on a level playing field, where their success is determined by their skills, training, and determination, rather than by artificial means.”

“In a world where sports serve as a source of inspiration, entertainment and national pride, we must address the critical issues surrounding doping, ethics, and integrity,” he also said, noting that their commitment to these principles not only preserves the spirit of sports, but also safeguards the health and wellbeing of our athletes, ensuring they compete on the basis of their talent, hard work, and dedication.

“Our actions as individuals and as associations have a profound impact on the future of sports in our country. By organizing events like this, by educating our athletes, coaches, and officials, and by implementing robust anti-doping measures, we are shaping a future where fair play, integrity, and the spirit of sport prevail,” Mr Bah said.

Source: The Point