Gauteng EFF Concerned Crowthorne Christian Academy Allowed to Operate for Years


CAPE TOWN -The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng said it is concerned that the Crowthorne Christian Academy in Midrand has been allowed to operate for years without being fully registered.

The institution has recently come under fire after a widely circulated video showed a man forcefully removing a 13-year-old girl from a classroom for having dreadlocks.

The Gauteng Education Department subsequently announced that the school is registered under a different name and address.

The EFF has staged pickets outside the school since the video emerged, calling for the institution to be permanently shut down.

While the owner of Crowthorne Christian Academy who was seen pulling the 13-year-old girl’s hair on video footage was arrested and released on bail of R2,000 on Thursday, there are growing concerns over the number of schools operating illegally.

The EFF in Gauteng has now called on the government to do a thorough review of all the private institutions that are operating in the country.

The party said it was even more worrying that this was not the first time a private school had adopted a policy that discriminated against a black girl’s hair.

The school’s management has since shut its doors indefinitely, while the Gauteng Education Department said it would ensure the 13-year-old was transferred to another institution.

Source : EWN