Kenya High Court Puts Haiti Deployment on Temporary Hold


A Kenyan High Court on Monday, Oct.9 temporarily suspended the deployment of Kenyan police to Haiti on a UN-backed mission aiming to restore security and calm to the gang-infested the nation.

The UN Security Council last week approved a Kenyan-led multinational security force for the troubled country, with Nairobi promising 1,000 police officers.

But a Nairobi court granted an interim injunction on Monday in a case brought by opposition politician Ekuru Aukot, who argued the deployment was unconstitutional as it was not backed by any law or treaty. A statement from Africa news.

The petitioners argue that the constitution does not envisage the deployment of the police service outside Kenya adding that deployment of police officers or the forces outside Kenya is a matter of great public interest and importance and can only be done in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

“As a matter of international notoriety, there is currently no elected government in Haiti. Kenya does not have an Embassy in Haiti,” reads court papers.

Aukot, a lawyer who helped draft Kenya’s revised 2010 constitution, charged that Kenya was deploying its police abroad at a time it had failed to quell insecurity within its own borders.

“I am satisfied that the application and petition raise substantial issues of national importance and public interest that require urgent consideration,” High Court judge Enock Mwita ruled.

Delivering the orders, Justice E.C Mwita directed that the pleadings be served on the respondents immediately.

“That a conservatory order is hereby issued restraining the respondents from deploying police officers to Haiti or any other country until 24th October 2023,” directed the judge, stated citizen TV digital kenya.

Once served, the respondents will have three days to file and serve written submissions to the petition, also not exceeding 10 pages.

Source : Region Week