Native Giraffes Make A Return To Angola After Being Driven Out By Decades Of Conflict


Fourteen giraffe have been successfully relocated to Angola’s Iona National Park after an epic 36-hour journey. In an effort to restore species diversity in the park, seven males and seven females travelled more than 800 miles (1,300km) from a private game farm near Otjiwarongo, central Namibia to Iona National Park in the south-west corner of Angola. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, African Parks and the Government of Angola teamed up to bring back Angolan giraffe after a long absence, which was decimated during decades of conflict. The reintroduction of Angolan giraffe to Iona National Park plays an important role in restoring the park’s ecosystem. Giraffe assist in shaping the vegetation through browsing and dispersal of seeds due to their selective feeding habits. Abias Huongo, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Environment, said: “This significant endeavour demonstrates our commitment to preserving our country’s natural heritage. Together, we are building a future where both people and wildlife thrive harmoniously.”

Source : The Alexander City Outlook