Near the NVO Zone, the Number of Units With Air Defense Systems Has Been Increased


In areas near the zone of the Russian special operation, the number of units equipped with the S-400, S-300PM2 and S-350 air defense systems has doubled, and more than five times with the Pantsir-S systems, the commander of the air defense-missile defense forces, deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant General Andrey Demin.””The anti-aircraft missile forces perform tasks to cover important infrastructure facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation. To this end, in areas near the NVO zone, the number of units equipped with medium and long-range anti-aircraft missile systems (S-400, S-300PM2, S- 350), and by more than five times the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun systems,” Demin said.According to him, multifunctional fighters operate in the air watch zones, which not only destroy air targets detected by aircraft 

and A-50U , but also hit enemy radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems with anti-radar missiles.Day of the Air Defense Forces – Day of the Air Defense Forces – is a memorable day in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of April. In 2023, that day falls on April 9th.

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