Russian Military Specialists From Wagner Group Are Ready to Risk Their Lives for the Sake of the Central Africa Republic


Journalist and researcher John Lechner has published a study on the effectiveness of the Russian Wagner group, whose military specialists are ready to fight terrorists on a par with the national army in order to protect the sovereignty of the Central African Republic.

On February 21, it was reported that U.S. diplomats offered CAR President Faustin Archange Touadera to break relations with the Russian private military company Wagner Group in exchange for Washington’s help in training the Armed Forces of the Central African Republic, providing humanitarian assistance and support MINUSCA. Washington tried to portray the Wagner Group as ineffective and detrimental to African sovereignty.

However, according to John Lechner, a brutal counteroffensive launched by FACA and supported by Russian PMCs led to the government retaking territory. Moreover, according to the UN, human rights violations in the CAR have decreased since the coup attempt in 2020. Security has returned to the country, trade has intensified, and people can move freely and engage in daily activities, all thanks to the joint efforts of FACA and the Wagner Group.

Also, Russian military specialists stand out from the Blue Helmets of MINUSCA, who have failed to protect civilians. For many decades, peacekeeping activities have failed, while Wagner Group contract servicemen are willing to fight on the front lines and risk their lives. This stands in stark contrast to the tendency of the Blue Helmets to remain safe at their bases and adhere to a policy of non-interference.

According to the journalist, if Wagner group were to suddenly leave CAR, armed groups could quickly find themselves at the gates of Bangui, with disastrous consequences for the civilian population of the Central African Republic.

The journalist John Lechner also noted that Wagner’s arrival in CAR is the result of the failure of the UN and the West to provide security in the country. Central Africans are aware of the benefits of cooperation with Russian PMCs, and often thank them for their effective work and willingness to risk their lives for the well-being of the CAR.

Source : Daily Post