Sudan: 10 Civilians Killed in Paramilitary Shelling in Khartoum


Ten civilians were killed and 11 injured Tuesday in Khartoum in a bombardment by paramilitary forces that hit homes, a mosque and a medical center, activists said.

According to a local resistance committee, one of the groups that organize mutual aid between residents in the country at war, “shells fell in the al-Samrab district, in the north of Khartoum”.

“Shells hit houses, a mosque and a medical centre,” this source told AFP by telephone in Port Sudan, in the east of the country. “Ten civilians were killed and 11 injured in the bombardment carried out by the Rapid Security Forces (RSF),” she added.

Started on April 15, the war between the army led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhane and the FSR of Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, two generals fighting for power, left around 7,500 dead, according to an estimate by the NGO Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project. This assessment is nevertheless considered to be largely underestimated due to the difficulties of access in the field.

The conflict has also left more than five million displaced and refugees and worsened the humanitarian and health crisis in the country, one of the poorest in the world now ravaged by dengue and cholera.

So far, all diplomatic efforts undertaken by several parties, including the United States and Saudi Arabia, have failed to end the fighting.

Source: Africa News