Sudanese Army Chief Denies Meeting With Islamist Leaders


Sudan’s Army Commander-in-Chief, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, refuted allegations of a recent meeting with Sudanese Army Secretary-General Ali Karti, emphasizing that he had only encountered Karti once in his lifetime.

On Thursday, Sudan Tribune released a report claiming a gathering had taken place between al-Burhan and leaders from the Islamic Movement. The purpose of the meeting was reported to be a discussion regarding the state of affairs in Sudan, particularly given the extensive involvement of these leaders in the struggle against the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and their efforts to mobilize youth across the nation.

This report provoked a strong reaction from the Sovereign Council, which issued a vehement statement condemning the news outlet. The army’s leadership has been grappling with allegations of links to the Muslim Brotherhood. This Islamist organization is met with rejection both within Sudan and among the region’s countries.

The release of this report coincided with Washington’s imposition of sanctions on Ali Karti, a move seen as confirmation of reports suggesting that Islamists were instigating and sustaining the conflict to obstruct Sudan’s transition to democracy and secure their return to power.

Speaking to artillery soldiers in Atbara of the River Nile state on Saturday, al-Burhan vehemently denied any encounter with a delegation of Islamic leaders led by Ali Karti. However, he added that the army welcomed anyone willing to join its ranks in the battle against the RSF.

“I met Karti once in my life in China, where I worked as a military attaché, and he visited in his capacity as Minister of Foreign Affairs,” al-Burhan stated. “I have not met with any political organizations, be they Muslim Brotherhood, communist, or Baathist, nor have any army commanders engaged with or entertained them. We are all Sudanese, and anyone who wishes to fight alongside us is welcome as a soldier like any other. If they harbour ulterior motives, we will reject them without hesitation.”

Al-Burhan warned those attempting to incite against the military establishment, saying they would be branded as “deceivers and manipulators” and face consequences.

Due to the shortage of infantry forces, the Sudanese army has been extensively utilizing the air force and artillery in its ongoing battle against paramilitary forces, buying time until a sufficient number of trained fighters can be trained.

The military leader underscored that this war had not been a choice made by the Sudanese army but had been thrust upon them by a faction led by two individuals seeking control of the nation and its resources. Al-Burhan noted that these individuals (Mohamed Hamdan Daglo and his brother Abdel Rahim) were concealing their intentions behind the veneer of democracy to mask the atrocities committed against the Sudanese people, including the bloody attack on the pro-democracy sit-in outside the army command in Khartoum on June 3, 2019.

Moreover, he absolved the Darfur tribes of any culpability for these events, adding, “The destruction of infrastructure, economic sabotage, and the systematic loss of life in Sudan do not reflect the Sudanese people; rather, they are the result of actions taken by ‘intruders’—referring to the involvement of mercenaries fighting alongside the RSF”

Source: Sudan Tribune