Today’s Top News: Chad



The UN and our partners – along with the Government – launched our Humanitarian Response Plan for this year. We’re appealing for more than $674 million to help 4.4 million people, including refugees, returnees and internally displaced people.

The number of people in need in Chad has risen by about 800,000 since 2022 – to a total of 6.9 million. This is due to devasting flooding last year, as well as insecurity, climate change, and the economic toll of the COVID pandemic and war in Ukraine.

Without emergency assistance, we expect that nearly 1.5 million people will be food insecure during the lean season starting in June. A similar number lack adequate access to health care.

Our response plan for this year prioritizes food security, health services and efforts to address the effects of climate change.

It is critical that we receive sufficient funding for this year’s appeal. Our 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan was just 60 per cent funded – allowing us to reach 2.2 million people.

Source : OCHA