Traveling to Cameroon? Buy These Souvenirs to Immortalize Your Trip


Also known as “Africa in miniature,” Cameroon garners a whole lot of attention for its diverse culture. And what makes it so? Apart from its native music, the variety of wildlife one gets to spot, and the multiplicity of its climatic conditions, its shopping scenes have a huge role to play. So, on your way back, get these five souvenirs home.

Local handicrafts

Cameroon is home to several skilled craftsmen who make a host of items that convey the story of its rich history, traditions, and heritage. From paintings and wood carvings to leather products, bronze statues, and other knick-knacks, there is something for everyone to get their hands on. For the best picks, Foumban Palace is surrounded by some great local stores.


Nyanguv is the perfect item to shop in case you want to take the authentic flavor of Cameroon back with you. It is a jelly that is slightly spicy on the palate and can be relished as both a snack as well as an ingredient to make a tangy sauce. You can also eat this delicious offering with fufu or pounded cocoyam.


Toghu is a multicolored and embroidered outfit that is commonly worn by many tribals in Cameroon. It is made of black velvet and is quite heavy to wear. The dress was even worn once by Cameroon Athletes in London during the 2012 Olympics! Hand-stitched and traditional, you can buy some beautiful jackets, skirts, and gowns.

Oku white honey

Oku white honey is among the most popular souvenirs from Cameroon as it is known for its creamy properties. It is made with two plants named Schefflera abyssinica and Nuxia congesta that grow in the Kilum Ijim mountain forest. The honeybees pollinate these plants, producing white honey that is enjoyed both locally and internationally since it is believed to possess medicinal properties.

Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil, which is locally called minyanga, is extracted from the kernel plant. The women in Cameroon feed it to their babies to keep them healthy and also use it for cooking purposes. It can be stored for a long time, and you can also use it topically as a body lotion or to even make soaps.

Source: NewsBytes