Zimbabwe, Rwanda to Hold Second Session of Joint Permanent Commission


HARARE- The second session of the Zimbabwe-Rwanda Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation (JPCC) is set to take place in Harare on Monday and Tuesday, marking another milestone in the growing partnership between the two nations.

According to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the convening of the JPCC reflects the deepening ties between Zimbabwe and Rwanda and their shared commitment to advancing common developmental goals.

Livit Mugejo, spokesperson for the ministry, stated, “Over the past five years, both countries have made significant progress in strengthening their economic and political bonds. This session of the JPCC aims to further enhance cooperation in key areas of development.”

During the upcoming session, Zimbabwe and Rwanda will focus on finalizing modalities for collaboration in sectors such as health, science and technology development, women affairs and child development, and housing. These efforts will build upon the existing areas of cooperation, including agriculture, educational exchange, ICT, environment, and tourism.

Economic diplomacy will be a key focus of the discussions, as both countries seek to leverage their excellent relations to drive economic growth and prosperity.

Rwanda’s delegation is expected to be led by Vincent Biruta, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and will include several other government ministers and senior officials.

The first session of the Zimbabwe-Rwanda JPCC took place virtually in March 2021, resulting in the signing of several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) covering a range of fields. These MoUs addressed legal mutual assistance in criminal matters, cooperation in prisons and correctional services, partnership between the Rwanda Development Board and ZimTrade, and collaboration in media, information, and publicity.

In addition to strengthening existing areas of cooperation, the two countries explored new avenues for collaboration in finance, defense, environment, natural resources, agriculture, science and technology, and tourism. They also expressed their commitment to bolstering multilateral cooperation.

The second session of the JPCC underscores the shared vision of Zimbabwe and Rwanda to forge stronger ties and work together towards mutual prosperity and development.

Source New Times