Angola Defends Multilateralism Against Terrorism in Africa


During the ministerial meeting of African countries on “Strengthening regional cooperation and institutional development to fight the evolving threat of terrorism in Africa”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also called for international support to regional efforts.

“The threat requires a new generation of anti-terrorist measures, developed by regional Member States,” he added, and considered appropriate the ones outlined by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, in his note on the New Agenda for Peace.

“It is essential that the international community join forces with existing regional initiatives and redouble its support for capacity building in African countries affected by terrorism,” the minister stressed, adding that this support must be global, inclusive, adaptable and specific, and should prioritize efforts in neighboring countries to prevent further spread.

At the meeting, organized by the United Nations Office on Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) and the Republic of Nigeria, participants shared their views on the terrorist threat in the continent and the results they would like to see at the African Counter Terrorism Summit.

The event is planned for the first half of 2024, in Abuja, jointly organized by UNOCT and Nigeria.

Terrorism and violent extremism continue to be a major challenge for sustainable peace and development in Africa, where terrorist groups such as Daesh and Al-Qaeda affiliates have expanded in recent years, as conflicts, international crises, lack of development opportunities, competition for natural resources, human rights violations and abuses have created favorable conditions for their spread.

Source: Prensa Latina