Angola Reiterates Commitment to Honour Pensions of Former GDR Workers


Luanda — Angolan government Thursday promised to maintain its pledge to secure the pensions of the former national workers in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), scrapping the suspension measure recently announced.

The move is meant to complete the compensation process by December this year (2023), the director of the Legal Office of the Ministry of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security (MAPTSS) David Kinjica has said.

Kinjica confirmed this to the press, at the end of a meeting with the Association of the Former Workers in the GDR.

The official said the parties agreed to include, till December, in the compensation process the workers who had not taken their retirement.

“We want to complete this process. So we intend to work together with the association to complete it until December, especially for those not registered with social security department”, he clarifies.

The then governments of Germany Democratic Republic (GDR) and the

People’s Republic of Angola signed between 1981 and 1985 an agreement that provided for some Angolan workers to work temporarily for German companies, in a total of 1,646 employees.

Source : AllAfrica